Show your love on Mothers Day with these thoughtful and affordable gifts under $30, $50 & $100, The best King Charles III memorabilia for his upcoming coronation, Warm up your feet this winter with these 14 must-have slippers, MasterChef Australia Judge Jock Zonfrillo has passed away, Where to watch the coronation in New Zealand, How New Zealand is celebrating the coronation, Transgender star Brady 'I'm living my best life'. Tony Carter's professional achievements are too long to list here but he was voted Chairperson of the Year in 2014 and chairs the board of Air New Zealand among many other successes. By Kerre McIvor As her best-selling book on running a marathon celebrates its 10-year anniversary, Kerre McIvor. What if Im a really bad grandparent and dont know how to do this?, So I was excited but also aware that hes a little person in his own right and what if he didnt like me or I didnt connect with him?. So I blithely signed a contract with HarperCollins, bought one of those proper moleskin writers' notebooks that I would fill with marvellous yarns and pithy one-liners that I'd be able to pepper throughout my book and again thought nothing of it. We had the glorious luxury of just hanging out together, tells Kerry. "It was exhilarating. And when they nuzzle into you!. Then it seems you can do what you jolly well want. Reminder, this is a Premium article and requires a subscription to read. Its remarkable.. So many of my lovely ZB listeners have knitted exquisite little pieces for the baby; there are toys and books and tiny Red Band gumboots and a personalised Warriors strip from the team - this little boy is a very lucky man indeed. ", And the music she will choose to play her nieces and nephews will be Mariah Carey."Mariah. National MP Simon Bridges says when it comes to Christmas, it's his wife Natalie who keeps the spirit going for his whnau. And it's ages since I've been around babies. Id love to live just around the corner so I could pop in and take Bart for a few hours. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Kerre McIvor called a listener a sad, pathetic creature on national radio. I am going to learn how to breathe, the Newstalk ZB presenter says over a glass of bubbles in a favourite central Auckland haunt. "Natalie loves Christmas," says Simon, 45, who withdrew his interest in leading the National Party at a late stage last week. But I also enjoy long lunches and gorgeous food and wine, so life has been a continual compromise. I would like to think I could nail the language of maths. My own mum and dad were invaluable when I was raising Kate and absolutely relished their roles. I love just hanging out with him up there, and I just dont get enough time to do that in Auckland.. "I usually run on my own and I've developed a love of trail running in our amazing bush. All products are independently selected, tested or recommended by our team of experts. Bart Berich was born last Saturday, and he is 7lb 1oz of gorgeousness. I have never done so previously though it has always been a flash in the pan so I dont know why I suddenly thought it would be different!. Its remarkable.'. And that's where Short Fat Chick came in. Im an accountant and I cant even do the stats on that., But, Kerre admits that the responsibility was challenging at times. Catherine, Princess of Wales' best fashion moments of 2023, 6 affordable dupes of the camel coat adored by Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Lego Masters Rachel and Jason 'We beat the bullies! We go to a personal trainer to look after our bodies and therapists to look after our mental health why not enlist help for our finances?! I've run Auckland, New York, London, Paris (twice, because it's so gorgeous) and Queenstown the year I turned 50, as well as numerous half-marathons. Later in the evening, a family tradition involves whisky. Let it Snow! "That's what I'm going to be there for, I said confidently. Catherine, Princess of Wales' best fashion moments of 2023, 6 affordable dupes of the camel coat adored by Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Lego Masters Rachel and Jason 'We beat the bullies! "When the car hit the wall, the doors, bonnet and boot flew off. Whenever she can, Kerre gets on a plane to London to take up the favourite role of her life - Glam-Ma to her two adorable grandchildren, Bart and Theodora. at 4:46 PM. . Vanessa went on to complete another marathon in 2015 but she stuffed her knee while doing it and now enjoys walking and short runs. That mate lasted all of a week, but Tony thought "Stuff it. I just ran further and further each day. "We would be at Nana and Grandpa's house in our papakainga, with all the cousins there, watching the aunties move, sing and create magic for our Christmas feast.". Over the weekend there was a rampage by the perpetually outraged that Kerre McIvor & Heather Du Plessis-Allan had opinions so egregious that the woke on Twitter had to make public virtue signals to cancel subscriptions. Under level 3.75, or whatever the hell we're During his time as CEO of Foodstuffs, Tony was at a conference where I was the guest speaker. During the three-minute call, the listener was given time to respond, the BSA added. Kiri's most cherished Christmas gift was a Polaroid camera, which lived around her neck for the entire summer. Kerre McIvor's harsh words for COVID response caller 42,297 views Dec 13, 2021 Kerre McIvor had harsh words for a caller who disagreed with her stance on the government's COVID response,. In 2014, Vanessa became a marathon runner, crossing the finish line in a time of 4.29. "It's been a long time since we had a baby on our lap at Christmas time and our granddaughter, Te Raumawhitu, will be three months old, so that'll be an extra-special time," says Robert. "We are living in our new home as a blended, multi-generational family and that will make Christmas very special," she says. As a child, she recalls being allowed to stay up late on Christmas Eve, making and wrapping presents "almost always food-related" for everyone. In the afternoons, wed have dance-athons in the living room and give him a bit of a boogie. My breath gets really shallow as well. Everyone was right you dont know a love like it. Shes held off being booked for too many MC gigs so that she can spend more time with the people she loves her husband Tom McIvor, her mother Colleen Woodham and her daughter Kate and husband Ranko, who are having a child this year. "I think they looked at me like I was mad, some of them, but no one gave me any flak for doing it. Kerre had asked daughter Kate (28) if she wanted her there in time for the babys birth and both had decided her husband Ranko Berich could provide all the support needed. The last time she was up we went to the Lindauer exhibition, the movies and then high tea at the Langham. Jan signed up to Weightwatchers and became Weightwatcher of the Year in 2008. "Our lunchtime feast is alwaysham and Mum's special recipe trifle. "I find having my nieces and nephews around really helps make it feel extra-special these days," she says. 2021-06-28 - KERRE MCIVOR A great chat with the queen of talk back. But then, after I had crossed the finish line of the Auckland Marathon in 2006, Laurain took me out for coffee and asked me again to write the book and this time I said yes. Like lots of people, I had a lot of plans. Kerre McIvor: Locked down and languishing - NZ Herald WEBSITE OF THE YEAR APP OF THE YEAR Advertisement Advertise with NZME. I figured if I ran around the court so many times, I could gauge the distance of my run. I have no doubt we'll be doing that this year," says Kerre. THE DAY THE APES TOOK OVER, Screen hunk Charlton Heston was in from the moment he was offered the role of astronaut George Taylor, who crashes on a planet ruled by talking apes. A couple of weeks ago, Jan Taylor finished the White Marathon in Antarctica, becoming one of just 634 people able to claim a remarkable achievement: seven marathons on seven continents. I spent a blissful 10 days there, after two weeks with the family in London over Christmas. Sister of Private. Running isn't a way of life for me; it's something I do when my favourite jeans don't fit. Im so full of admiration for her and Ranko. I love the zest and spice of a great lime and chilli-inspired ceviche, so I always add it to the table and it's always smashed!". On the Kpiti Coast, people are even able to travel outside their region. I really wanted to fall to my knees, grab Kates tiny ankles and beg her to come home. Perhaps that's because her own upbringing was unconventional. My accountant was horrified and said, wow, I cant believe youve found someone who is even less interested in money than you! I would have loved more children but that wasn't to be and since Kate was married I've been looking forward to being a grandmother. At the end of 2017 she was named as the replacement for Andrew Dickens on Newstalk ZB Sunday mornings beginning in 2018 and Leighton Smith on mornings beginning in 2019. As theyd said goodbye at the airport, there were promises to see each other again in the middle of the year. I was the one making the financial decisions in our family. The peaceful privacy of a Far North harbour really floats Kerre McIvor's boat. Which is where getting some professional advice can really help. Another family tradition is Natalie and her Christmas decorations and ornaments. It's a tradition to do that. And I enjoy the three months of early mornings, green smoothies and no alcohol I generally indulge in every year. There were readings by close friend Di Stewart and Kerre's daughter Kate and son-in-law Ranko Berich. I was stunned last week to find out that a number of the great, the good and the perpetually outraged spent time and energy fulminating about something I hadn't actually written. Ive heard enough doing talkback radio from women who say that being alone, poor and old is just about the worst thing you can be, Kerre tells us. For the first three, she stayed with Ranko and Kate, and delighted in being able to make herself useful, cooking and cleaning so the new parents had time to relax and enjoy their baby. "I do like carols as opposed to Christmas songs and my favourite is Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Kerre McIvor, is a journalist, radio presenter, author and columnist. Labels: 2023 Census, Kerre Woodham. "I followed the plan in the back of your books Kerre that's what I worked to. "My daughter, partner, parents, siblings, cuzzies the whole crew!" The pleasure of travelling around the country is a pleasure denied us all in Auckland unless you're a gangster. But Kerre has also been thinking of those women on the wireless a lot lately,. McIvor said she received more texts than she had seen in 22 years in radio, although she said on the broadcast the majority were supportive of me. So cheers to the people who actually read beyond the headlines and who don't expend their energy of a Sunday looking for reasons to be offended. We had a change of teacher when I was in the fifth form and I went from the 70s and 80s to 50 per cent and just scraped through.. It was a beautiful day, just the two of us, and after a beach swim and a big roasted lunch, the red wine made us sleepy, so we spent most of the rest of the day sleeping on the carpet before waking up for Christmas movies in the evening. The peaceful privacy of a Far North harbour really floats Kerre McIvor's boat. I gave him his first ever bath and it was wonderful to see how strong he was, splashing and kicking, and how much he loved it. I'm beginning to worry we'll run out of room.". And she did. I had a dad that was a bank manager so I should have known better, but Im a spender. And then, long term, I want to help women to reintegrate back into the community following their release from prison.That's my passion now.". Vanessa's story is one of redemption. "I burn stuff on the barbecue," he admits. These days, the perfect Christmas gift for Kura is perfume, although her sister got her some Adidas slides last year that she lives in. The little boys favourite spot was what Kerre has learned is called the nana shelf. In the Wellington region, the kids can go to their preschools so their parents don't have to juggle working from home and childcare and they're also able to take the kids to the swimming pool and the library as well as the park. I knew I was going to run a marathon, I just didn't know how I was going to do it. Everyone was right you dont know a love like it. "It's that feeling of euphoria," Tony recalls. If you dont take charge and make sure youre getting the best out of your KiwiSaver you could be missing out on thousands of extra dollars that youll really need if you want to enjoy the good life in retirement., Kerre McIvor is speaking out against the notion that its not polite to talk about money. Kerre says she's received some wonderful presents over the years first-edition books, thoughtful home-made books with old photos and memories, and photo albums. Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner 10th Anniversary Edition, by Kerre Woodham (HarperCollins, $40) is published on April 19. Even as bits of plastic broke off, I loved that toy.". 'Everyone was right you dont know a love like it. "Such a joy for us," he laughs. She decided, while she was in prison, that she would train for and run a marathon. This was an animated discussion during which the caller was given every opportunity to voice her opinion we reject the claim that the hosts treatment of the caller [amounted] to bullying.. "Everyone had told me that you've never known love like it," Weekly columnist Kerre explains. I laughed and told her it was best to wait and see whether I'd actually get round the bloody course before I contemplated writing about the experience and thought nothing more of it. Among those who had passed away were Kerre's dad, Mike, Tom's parents, Jimmie and Annie, and Kerre's nana, Cherry. Her husband has a great job in the city and Kate was doing well in her job in public relations, but she has wanted a baby for a while and was happy to swap her job as a consultant for one as a mum. "I want to play in the backyard with their new toys, just enjoying time with them, going at their pace," she tells. "I've spent the year feeling so grateful for my work, my friends, myhealth and my family.". "I went for a walk up Mt Cook with my children and husband. Where does that get us?. In the Hokianga, time stood still. Kerre McIvor, is a journalist, radio presenter, author and columnist. "We tend to make a big deal about going to select the Christmas tree, then Kate always decorates it to her favourite Christmas carols. she says. She had just returned from a trip to London, where shed spent time with her daughter Kate Berich, 31, son-in-law Ranko, also 31, and her adorable grandchildren Bart, three, and Theodora, almost two. Jan says her family was the catalyst for making changes in her life. They married very young - before Kate graduated from law school - and a family was always on the cards. While they started simply, they've become more and more elaborate in recent years, from moving carnival scenes to snowmen with circulating snow. "I'm working on baked camembert with cranberry and bacon stuffed into puff pastry delicious. Looked after? McIvor responded. Kerre McIvor was born in 1965 (age 56 years) in Wellington, New Zealand. One respondent said her comment was uncalled for, and in bad taste. The entire family was swabbed including the two year old and three year old - the parents were happy to ensure the UK Covid strain wasn't brought into the country on their watch and now they're . Kerre is now counting down the days until October, when Bart will be coming to New Zealand to meet his great-grandmother Colleen, bringing four generations of the family together. Simon's favourite memory is the first Christmas he and Natalie had when they moved into their first proper house together, at Mount Maunganui. Becoming a grandparent is a great joy. She wants to be around to watch them grow up and be at their sides as they experience some of the world in particular, shed like to take them on the same safari she did in Africa when she turned 50. It comes as no surprise that Nadia's family Christmas tradition involves food, specifically tiramisu. Sums up the negatives, but, yeah, I probably need a holiday, McIvor said. Once you've done one or two, you know you're going to complete it. I gave him his first-ever bath and it was wonderful to see how strong he was, splashing and kicking, and how much he loved it. Photo / 123RF. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. Her first step to getting more involved in the Hokianga is joining a local pest control group. I hope he keeps the enthusiasm for life hes already shown., Despite her determination not to feel sad at having so many thousands of kilometres separating them, theres wistfulness when Kerre talks about Bart. You two go and have a lovely night. That's how it started. We may have a mortgage the size of the Greek debt to the IMF but it beats paying rent. And so Kerre is dreaming of some day having a brood of grandchildren running wild over her property in the Hokianga and building tree huts. Anything bad that has happened to me is because of the choices Ive made, but for a lot of people its not the case they have accidents, or suffer depression or they just dont get the start that so many of us used to get.. I want to learn regular sleep patterns, too, and learning how to breathe will help that. Its a role shes been looking forward to for many, many years. I dont want to be there at the business end I want to be there telling her what a great mother she is and how beautiful the baby is, says Kerre, who is visibly delighted at the prospect of becoming a grandmother. I couldn't even do up the seat belt we had to get it specially lengthened.". "I avoided exercise most of my life," Jan says. But as the date of publication loomed, I began waking in the night, rigid with horror. They're a diverse trio, but they share a determination and a drive common to people who take on the challenge of running a marathon and succeeding. Kerre McIvor (ne Woodham) is a New Zealand journalist, radio personality, author and columnist. "I made cupcakes and one had blue in it to reveal Bodhi, our oldest, was going to be a boy.". And when news of a killer virus began to circulate, the radio journalist didnt think too much about it. "We all got them, and I just thought it was so cool and so amazing that Santa knew just what to get. He's so little. Tony had done a couple of halfs at that stage albeit very, very slow halfs according to Tony. This year, the "tight crew" of Simon, Natalie, and children Emlyn, Harry and Jemima will be sitting down to ham or turkey cooked by Natalie, with a bit of red meat barbecued by Simon. HarperCollins had printed 8000 copies; that seemed an enormous number. Im so grateful to have had those moments to treasure.. Not surprisingly, articles targeting men, most often talking about investments, rather than advice for how to cut down their expenses. So Im glad the double Fs came into their own!. Kate has always done things the right way around - unlike her mother. But now, with her children Ella, 27, Jack, 24, and Rosie, 19, all living overseas, child wrangling is a thing of the past. [2] Career [ edit] The BSA agreed, saying McIvor was renowned for her upfront and plainspoken views. I will not have Stoaty McStoat-face on my property! "There comes a time in the evening where we always have a blind single malt tasting an annual highlight.". "Every year, for about 10 years now, she has purchased something new for our home. KiwiSaver provider Generate believed to be the first to invest in social housing, How woman-led social enterprise CaliWoods thrived through Covid-19, Pasifika women 'work free' for the rest of the year compared to men: PSA, NZ Post worker steals thousands of dollars' worth of items from packages, 'Reasonable doubt' leads to not guilty verdict for fourth Mama Hooch defendant, Billboard battle: Worker pops prosecco after employment win against MediaWorks, Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: May 2, 2023, Spark customers face day without Xtra email or support as tech meltdown drags on, Met Gala 2023: Taika Waititi and Rita Ora slay in pearls and sheer black lace, The best dressed celebrities at the 2023 Met Gala, Immigration NZ mistakenly issues 115 visas, family told they could be deported, Real estate king Garth Barfoot moves days before slip takes out driveway. I always wanted more. As part of my speech, I talked about running the New York Marathon. Robert, 55, says there are three things he needs to have for a good Christmas Day and that's whanau, ambrosia pudding* and an afternoon siesta. Simon has fond memories of being the youngest of six children, sitting down to a family meal with tables pushed together, but his best childhood memory is a present he got. So I photocopied the plan you and Gaz had done from your books, modified it for myself and I hit the streets in the dark, in the middle of winter, clocking up my distances.". In an email, NZME spokeperson Kelly Gunn said the decision speaks for itself. READ MORE: * KiwiSaver provider Generate believed to be the first to invest in social housing * How woman-led social enterprise CaliWoods thrived through Covid-19 * Pasifika women 'work free' for the rest of the year compared to men: PSA. 1 post published by Amy Brooke on April 28, 2023. "But it looks like it's going to be anything but with what is planned!". There are of course purchases that Kerre certainly doesnt regret mostly the experiences shes had, especially those trips overseas. NZME said Newstalk ZB was known for its provocative talkback hosts who try and stimulate robust debate. Its really important work she is doing, she says. ", This Christmas, Kura, 36, is experimenting with making the entree for her family, which involves cranberries and camembert.
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